I’m picking up my new Toyota Prius next week. A 2009. How is this possible with a stated 10 month wait when you order a new one? Well… let me tell ya!

Eric and I went looking for a Prius on Saturday. Beaverton Toyota had several used models. No new ones. If we put on on order, it would be about a 10 month wait. I can’t wait. We have a gas guzzling Durango that needs to go away.

There was one — 2007 — charcoal Prius that I would be happy with. Not ideal, but okay.

I need to say now that I absolutely abhor car dealerships. There is no way I can stomach the multi-hour process of tit for tat negotiation. I wanted to leave almost immediately. Eric humored me and we went away — headed down to Woodburn to do some shopping. Along the way Eric told me the pros and cons of a used vs. a new vehicle. I haven’t purchased a used car in nearly 15 years. But with technologies and economies doing what they are doing, buying new was not a sound decision.

As we drove home from dinner, Eric offered to go back to the dealership alone and do all the dealing and then call me when the paperwork was ready to be signed. What a sweetheart! Off he went and I relaxed at home. He made an offer along with the trade-in of our gas guzzling Dodge Durango. They agreed.

Then the text messages started coming. This option. That option. Yes? No? With me lounging on the couch with a cocktail, we worked through each issue. Then… he was done and I was ready to jump in the car and head on down to the dealership. They promised new tires, brakes and that the 2007 was iPod ready. More on that later.

About 30 minutes later, I had a new/used Prius. Poof… just like that. We were done and home about 10:30 that night.
Then Sunday came… We remembered that we forget a few things in the rig. We were heading downtown anyway so we swung by the dealership to pick up the stuff we forgot. Unfortunately, the rig had already been moved and the keys were unavailable. No worries… Picking stuff up Monday would be fine.

We noticed a Prius on the lot that we didn’t see on Saturday. We asked about that vehicle… dealer demo… not for sale. Ah well… Then we realized it was dark when we picked up the 2007. We took a look at the tires and noticed they weren’t new. We assumed the brakes weren’t new either. And the capper – this 2007 is not iPod compatible. Hmmmm. We decided to squeak about the tires/brakes, but the iPod could be solved by other means. We complained about the tires and brakes. They’ll look into fixing those.

So we jumped back in the 2007 and headed toward PDX. Stopped by Car Toys and found an adapter for the iPod. All was well. Bought the adapter, scheduled installation and then jumped back in the car and continued toward PDX via Canyon Road.
We were at a stop light and Eric noticed another Prius sitting in the lot at the Smart Car dealership. One U-turn and we’re in the parking lot looking at an almost identical Prius we were driving…except. The dealer met us at the door. Year? 2008 (hmmm). Milage? 7K (bigger hmmm) Options? More options than the ’07, including the iPod! Price? $1,000 less than what we paid. DANG!

We took a look at each other and knew what needed to be done… “Buyers remorse whining.” Back to Beaverton Toyota. Eric took the lead and chatted about what we discovered and reiterated what was promised and not delivered on Saturday. I’m getting more and more upset. Grass is green syndrome. Sigh…

The sales manager came out and chatted a bit. Took a look at me; back at Eric and told us he’d be right back. A few minutes later he came back with a print out.

“We have two 2009′s coming in a few days. If you would be okay with either silver or blue we can earmark one of them for you. These 2009′s have a better option package. And, they are about $500 more than what you paid for the 2007.”

Well, needless to say, Eric and I took about 30 seconds to confer and jumped at the opportunity to get a 2009 Prius in 10 days.
Poof … just like that! I couldn’t have asked for an easier time to get what I wanted. Eric stepped up and took the heat and shouldered all the stress. He’s pretty special like that. Thank you EJH!

A note about Beaverton Toyota: They really stepped up and did everything to make us happy. I appreciate their dedication to customer satisfaction. They did all the right things! Thanks to them too.

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