My sister-in-law has been singing the praises of Multnomah Arts Center for YEARS. She’s suggested I take a class or two for almost as long. I finally took her advice and signed up for two class this Fall. Why did I wait so long?!?!

I’m taking an evening class — hand and wheel work in clay. What an exercise in feeling okay about your mistakes. Don’t like it? Doing something wrong? Slap that wad of wet earth back into a lump and start again.

I’m very intimidated by the wheel. Getting the clay centered on the wheel seems to be my downfall. The instructor only giggles a little when he bails me out. <grin> Here is my first successful bowl.


The slab work is a lot less stresful for me. But I’ve had my first casualty there too. I made a maple leaf outline that was formed into an open bowl shape. Unfortunately, it didn’t survive the first/bisque firing.

wet_leaf broken_leaf

The second class is “Drawing on the Right-side of the Brain.” I don’t have anything worthy of showing yet. There’s a lot of mind bending exercises so far. Just this week we drew upside down! We had a print out of a Picasso drawing that we turned upside down and started drawing it bottom to top.


We didn’t focus on the full piece. Instead, we focused each and every line that makes up the drawing and their relationships to each other. We had 30 minutes to get as much done was possible. I got about halfway. I was not pleased with the work until… the instructor said, “Turn your drawing around.” Wow, it actually looked A LOT like the drawing in front of me. Fascinating.

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