I’ve completely fallen in love with sculpting in clay. My Friday morning class with Kiki at M.A.C. was very fun. Talented students and an enthusiastic instructor made my time fly by. Why can’t a 10 week course be more like a 100 week course? Oh yeah, I can keep signing up for the same class each term. [grin]

I’ve decide to focus my sculpting on NW Coastal motifs with a carved Orca being my first attempt. I wish I could say that it was a complete success, but as you can see, the end result was a broken piece.\


I can’t decide if I’m going to try and repair him or just use him as a learning tool and try making him again next term. He clearly needs to be constructed better next time — there are cracks all over him. Most of the weak points are where the fins are attached.
It took 3 weeks (with consults from many an expert) to figure out how to support him during the construction and firing process. I think the early support attempts actually weaken him here and there. That miscalculation won’t happen again, thankfully.

Here are a couple of images from earlier in the process:


Slipped and carved — ready for bisque firing


After Bisque firing. He’s purple!

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