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This week has come and gone with not a lot to show for it. Our client project is progressing in stops and starts. They are very inexperienced with Web services and the App we are writing for them relies heavily on their systems. The stops gives us plenty of time to continue to explore the Southern Idaho area.

We spent the better part of a day at City of Rocks. It is about an hour’s drive from Burley and just north of the Utah border. Huge granite formations rise from the desert floor in this area and Castle Rock, just north. It’s a very popular rock climbing destination. We had the opportunity to watch several climbing parties attempt some pretty aggressive routes up the cliff faces. Eric and I walked some of the trails and then ventured off and scrambled over different outcroppings. It’s a beautiful location. There’s a lot of evidence of seasonal creeks and waterfalls. I’ll bet this place is magical in the Springtime. This area is definitely worth a visit, any time of the year. Beautiful.

Today was the Fall Festival Street Fair in Burley. The street outside our apartment is closed off for all the various vendors to sell their wares. I get the sense that many of the people selling, gear up for this particular day all year long. I wish I could say there are many talented craftsmen and hobbyists in this town. Their lack of skill is made up for by their creativity — 1,000 ways to use old fence boards!

The weather continues to be wonderful. High 70’s to low 80’s everyday. We had a slight hint of the infamous winds the other night. I’m truly hoping that’s all we get before leaving next weekend. When they say “high winds” they aren’t kidding. YIKES!

We had the opportunity to chat with a farmer the other night at the local bar. He runs the heavy equipment for a 985 acre area. There’s a lot more crops in this region than I thought — sugar beets, green beans, pinto beans, potatoes, corn, and I can’t remember the few others he rattled off. What a thankless and tiring industry to be in. He’s in the cab of something, listening to the drone of the equipment about 9 hours a day. He can’t wear headphones or much ear protection because he has to listen for, “Things to break.”

We’re ready for this first leg to be done. We’re looking forward to spending a couple of days getting to Boulder, CO. We’re going to head down the Utah route and see the Moab area.

Till next time …. <3



Week 2 is in the books in Burley, Idaho. We’re warming up to the place a bit. I finally thought of a way to describe Burley: “It’s kind of like finding a few beautiful gems in a pile of tailings.”

We continue to do some exploring. We went to nearby Milner to learn about the Oregon Trail and the Snake River diversion & irrigation system. They have actively diverted the Snake River into a series of irrigation canals. Right now the water level is low enough that they have diverted the river in such a way that Shoshone Falls is not running. These falls are similar to Niagara. Taller, but about 2/3 less volume. But still…these are REALLY big falls and they are dry at the moment.  Amazing. It appears that everyone thinks water is free here. They water their lawns constantly. Leaving sprinklers on for hours upon hours without moving them. [head shaking moment]

While we were in Milner we found a great spot where the Oregon Trail ruts are still plainly visible. It’s hard to grasp the magnitude of the traffic on this trail. Nearlly 500,000 people embarking on a 2,200 mile journey. in wagons. I think the ruts we walked were a “smooth” section, I’m not sure I would ride over them in a 4×4.

We’ve ventured into Twin Falls too. It’s about an hour’s drive from Burley. There is a beautiful canyon with a lovely golf course at the bottom. Eric and I played 18 holes and then ate dinner at the top overlooking the rim. Stunning vista. Twin Falls is a pretty big town / small city. It’s definitely where everyone goes for their shopping.

We still have the City of Rocks on the agenda. Everyone we’ve talked to tells us it’s a must see location.

The weather is spectacular! We’re having a stretch of high 80’s to low 90’s right now. It gets cold at time though. We’re looking forward to being able to see and enjoy Sunday’s super moon and lunar eclipse. Sounds like this is a pretty rare combination.

We have our Boulder, CO place all set up. A couple is renting their 1,000 sq. ft. home to us while they finish up their stay in Amsterdam. They were relocated there by their company — People for Bikes. Zach is from Portland. Sarah is from New York. We’re looking forward to being in a house rather than an apartment. And we’re doubling our space from what we have now. That will be very welcome. Their house is walking distance from downtown Boulder and the university district. Boulder is going to be a big change over Burley.

I think that’s it for this installment.



Eric and I have settled into a cute 1-bedroom apartment in Burley, Idaho. Burley is a bit of a sad-sack town. It reminds me of a midwest town in the 1960’s. The residents are not overly open to strangers, but we’ve found the more they see us, the more approachable they become. The town is on the Snake River. We went golfing yesterday on a course that sits next to the river. Very pretty.

The weather has been very nice. It drizzles at night and then seems to clear for a very warm day. Today is the first day in the 60’s.

We’ve been walking a few miles each day. Picking different neighborhoods to gawk at. Most of the homes here were built on an alley system. The homes are mid 1950’s vintage. Small. A lot of brick construction.

In hindsight, I think we would have opt’d for a shorter stay here. Oh well, it is very quiet and it’s giving us the opportunity to get mostly done with our client project.

River is doing okay at Kimmi’s. He would prefer a less active environment, but he’s find places to hide and cope. He went missing a couple of nights ago. He finally showed up and is warming up to Kimmi and her son Hunter.

Not much more than this to report. We’re looking forward to Boulder, CO. We’re going to be staying in a home of a couple who is currently working in Amsterdam. The house is in central Boulder, which will be nice for activities. We’ll be rolling out of here on Oct. 11.

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