Boulder, CO

Yikes! Sorry about the gap in updates. Doesn’t feel like 2+ weeks.

We are officially in Boulder, CO. It is a HUGE change over lil ol’ Burley Idaho. Boulder is bigger and busier than we anticipated. Not a bad thing. Just different. I have to look both ways when I cross the street when I’m walking to my morning coffee.

Our “home” is within walking distance of all the core shopping and amenities in Boulder. We are loving walking every day. We are up to about 4 miles a day. It feels good to be using our energy on things other than house sale prepping. <smile>

We are living in a 1,000 sq. ft. 1955 bungalow. Very cute place. The up/down windows is my favorite feature of the place. Lots of windows and the frames are beautiful 1950’s stained oak. I never thought I would appreciate a dishwasher until going without one in Burley. And the funny thing is that it took me 3 days to realize there is no microwave in this place. Kinda liking that reality.

We are still plodding along with our Greeting Card client. We’re hoping to be done with the App this week. Then some polishing and bug fixing over the next couple of weeks. That will be an easy part of the project. Eric has been really pushing to get this thing done. He hasn’t had the same opportunities as me to explore the Boulder area. As a result, we have extended our time here to 5 weeks. We had a bit of a gap to fill between here and Nan’s place in MN anyway.

Boulder is a very nice city (appx. pop. 100,000). I’m loving being in a college town again (Univ. of CO). The young faces and energy are refreshing. It has the feel and attitude of Bend. Everyone is very friendly and outgoing. Lots of “hi’s” and “how are ya’s?” on the street. Eastern US mining interests definitely influenced the early housing in this area. There is an amazing neighborhood called Mapleton. Massive colonial, classical, neo-classical and victorian mansions. Beautiful and overwhelming. Most of the neighborhoods around us have preserved all the original hitching posts. They are massive rock posts along every block.

This city is definitely in the current frothy housing bubble. Our very modest 1,000 sq. ft. house has an estimated value of $619,000. Those Mapleton homes start at about $2.75M for about 4,000 sq. ft and up. There is one we saw that was about 5,000 sq. ft; bought 10 months ago for $2.75M and is getting completely renovated for another $1+M.

I came to realize when leaving Burley that what I was truly missing was some level of culture. For as sweet as Burley is, it is completely devoid of any culture. We’ve gone to the opposite extreme in Boulder. There is anything and everything to choose from. Plus numerous galleries to wander through. That energy is very welcome again.

We have a friend in Denver who also went to school in Boulder. She has been extremely helpful in pointing us toward interesting things. We drove into Denver the other night (30 minutes) to have dinner with her. Wow… Denver is really big. 4 times the size of Portland. That said, getting to and from was a lot less painful than it would have been getting from Tigard to downtown Portland and back. Their highway systems are pretty efficient.

Our trip from Idaho to Colorado was pretty uneventful. Eric found a nice golf course in Spanish Fork, Utah to play 18 holes. We stopped there on Day 1. Drove to Fruta, CO on Day 2 and spent the better part of the afternoon at Colorado National Monument. Breathtaking. I’ve never experience vertigo until visiting there. This place is over 10,000 feet and the cliffs and canyons are thousands of feet down. Our brains were screaming, “No, No No…” the whole time. We thought we would be disappointed that we didn’t have time to detour to Arches in Utah, but after seeing CO Nat. Monument, we were very satiated by the geology and scenery.

There are so many things, on the list, to see in this area. We’ve adjusted our work schedule to have our “weekend” days fall during the week so we can get out to places when they aren’t overly busy. The weather has been absolutely amazing for us so far. We are still having mid to high 70’s days with nearly cloudless skies. The nights are getting pretty cold though. The forecast is changing this week so we’ll see how rain impacts our ventures to the sites.

As you may know, the next Republican Debate is scheduled for Boulder on the 28th. The town is abuzz about it. I guess Boulder really pushed for hosting in spite the 5 to 1 democrat to republican ratio of voters here. I may have to tune in just to say, “We were there.” Or not. The Dali Lama was also scheduled to be here this month, but his health has forced him to cancel all engagements. There’s the spectrum of this place. <grin>

Our plan is to take 3 or 4 days to travel to Minnesota for Thanksgiving with the Ceronsky (Vyrne’s side of the family) clan. We’re going to head north and spend some time in the South Dakota Badlands. We’ve also decided to spend Christmas and New Years in New Orleans. We haven’t nailed down a house yet, but there are a couple of places, just a ferry ride away from the French Quarter. I should have that nailed down before my next installment to all of you.

I hope this finds you all enjoying Fall to its fullest. As always, please give us an update on what’s happening in your world.

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