Boulder, CO – Part 3

Dang it! I’m continuing to lose track of time on this adventure. We are still in Boulder, CO, but our time here is winding down. We don’t want to leave. Boulder is a wonderful place. Definitely too expensive (right now) to think of relocating. Boulder’s housing market is pushing outlying areas’ prices up also.

We spent a day in Fort Collins. Met with our current client for lunch. Fort Collins is a nice town. Reminds me a lot of Corvallis. The old town area is very quaint. They’ve succeeded in keeping the “old west” feel. It’s another bustling college town like Boulder.

We continue to be very impressed with the overall infrastructure Colorado has. Great roads (mostly). Extensive public transportation. More bike friendliness than even Portland.

We finally made it to Estes Park. We took the _paved_ Peak to Peak route. Stunning vistas and peaks along the way. Estes Park borders Rocky Mountain National Park. The hiking trail system of the park is absolutely amazing. Beautifully maintained trails and a lifetime of route choices. We spent the afternoon bouldering around Gem Lake. It probably should be called Gem Pond, but it was a lovely little lake that is fed by underground springs or stream. Reminded me a bit of the head waters of the Metolius in Eastern OR — water comes out of “nowhere.”

Estes Park is a weird little town. Very local and low key, but not overly attractive or inviting. It probably looks a lot better with a blanket of snow on it. We did laugh as we were leaving during “rush hour.” There were cars backed up for a few blocks waiting for the Elk to make their way across the road. There were elk everywhere — School playgrounds, along the main road through Estes, and church parking lots. We’re not sure if they are permanent residents or we were lucky to see them as they were headed down to lower elevations. The males hadn’t shed their racks yet. Magnificent creatures.

We’ve had our first snowfall. About an inch overnight. Of course, by 9:00 a.m., the sun was out and most of the snow had melted by noon. We’re also experiencing the wind people talk about. When it gusts, IT GUSTS! There is a little community near here – Nederland – that gets 100mph winds a few times a year. YIKES! Our next door neighbor is scrambling to get his house addition done to the point to withstand the impending weather systems. It looks like he got his roof on just in time.

We’re still hoping to be able to travel through the Badlands on our way to Minnesota for a long Thanksgiving weekend with the Ceronsky’s. But with the weather starting to get more wintry and unpredictable, we are also planning an alternate route just in case the Dakotas are too cold and/or snowy. Mostly we don’t want the stuff we have packed outside the Subaru (roof rack/bag and hitch rack/bag) to be exposed to too much weather. Fingers crossed

We’ve found and secured a great place in New Orleans. It’s a shotgun style duplex that was recently renovated. It’s a, Feb to May, vacation home for a couple from Ohio. It is located in Algiers Point. It is right across from the French Quarter on one of the major bends of the Mississippi River. We’re pretty excited about experiencing the South. We’re realizing that we haven’t ventured outside our comfort zone to date. New Orleans is going to definitely push our boundaries. Eric is not the most adventurous eater, so it will be interesting to see how he handles Southern Fare. <grin>

We’ve had the opportunity to meet up with some technology folks during our stay here. These have been good connections and hopefully will turn into business opportunities down the road. Boulder is a tech hotbed. Many startups, with some early venture funding, in need of Mobile development help. Our current App project is starting to wind down. It always seems that the “next thing” happens right when we need it. Hopefully that trend will continue.

I hope all of you are doing well. As always, I’d love to hear what’s up in your worlds.

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