Raleigh, NC to Media, PA

How YOU Doin’?!

I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to this east coast greeting. We’ve been in Pennsylvania for about 2 weeks and not a day go without this greeting coming our way.

We have settled into the little bedroom community of Media, PA. We’ve taken up residence in a 1960’s split-level house sitting on a wooded corner lot. Very cute and the neighborhood is charming. Our daily walks have been full of new things to look at.

I am dumbfounded by the amount of stone and brick used in all the buildings in this area. Every home dating around WWII is made of all brick or stone.

We’ve had the good fortune of rolling back the Springtime clock by about 2 weeks. All the dogwoods and azaleas that were done in North Carolina are at their peak here. The people in Media are very proud of their yards. The flowers and trees are putting on quite a show. An interesting thing that has continued from North Carolina to Pennsylvania is the lack of fences around properties. It is very refreshing to see flower beds and lawns blend from one yard to another.

North Carolina was lovely. We were fortunate to be walking distance from a great yoga studio and we got back into our daily practice. We thoroughly enjoyed the constant student activity in the area. We were also relieved to realize that every person we chatted with about NC’s HB2 passage were as appalled as we were about its existence.

We didn’t get to know the area as well as we wanted to. We had three simultaneous client projects during our stay. Great for the bank account, but not so much for exploring.

Our Raleigh apartment was in a rich historical area of Oberlin. Many beautiful old homes tucked away in a very urbanized area.

The apartment complex backed up to the historical Oberlin cemetery. A predominantly African American resting place. It went through some turmoil a few years ago between developers and historians. Luckily the historians prevailed and the area is now protected. The Oberlin area was known for master stone masons. Many of them buried here. There is not much known about who is laid to rest and many of the plots no longer have headstones and the earth is caving into the graves. There was one stone I found that made me smile. It is simply reads, “Granny.”

While Eric toiled away at the computer, I was able to catch up with some Lake Arrowhead and Grants Pass folks. Along the way I was able to drive through several outlying communities of Raleigh. Hillsborough and Gibsonville are both very cute communities.

It was lovely to catch up with my sixth grade teacher and a childhood friend. It was fun to hear Lake Arrowhead names and retell stories that I haven’t thought about in over 40 years.

I also had the opportunity to get reacquainted with my first college roommate. She is a fellow artist and lives in the awesome community of Hillsborough. We went for a walk through a local park and she shared a beautiful branch and twig sculpture made by Patrick Dougherty. Beautifully done. Take a look at my photos (https://hayes-samco.smugmug.com/) for a picture of the roof from inside. Very fun.

Back to PA… One of our active clients was in Philadelphia for the Craft Brewers Conference. We attended a couple of days and were blown away by how big the Craft Beer industry has become. There were 13,600 conference attendees and 600 exhibitors.

One of the events was held at the Philadelphia Art Museum. It was wonderful to wander around the exhibits after hours. It has a very extensive Impressionist section. Many Monets that represent his declining eye-sight years. Very different, but no less beautiful.

Of course you can’t ignore that EVERYONE who walks up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum does the “Rocky” victory move at the top. I was waiting for Eric, Eric and Lisa (clients) and counted 30 people who did it. Funny and annoying.

Eric and I spent one afternoon wandering around Philly. Saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Both interesting, but somewhat disappointing because of the level of security surrounding the area. We understand the need, but it makes for a very uncomfortable and dampened experience.

We were out for drinks last night and the bartender was chatting with us. He asked if we knew Media’s claim to fame. We’re like, “Um, no. Didn’t think anyone knew about this little township.” Do any of you know without looking it up? 🙂

He told us to go and look up COINTELPRO. Wow… we had no idea. This FBI office break-in was a precursor to Washington Post breaking the Watergate scandal. If you have Netflix, look for the documentary “1971.” It is a very well done movie about the burglary and the fallout on Hoover during that time.

That’s about sums up the latest from us. Hope all of you are happy and well. Drop me an update if you have a spare couple of moments

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