One year back – looking back

September 11, 2015 thru September 23, 2016

We have been back for just over a year. It was fun to see the Facebook memories pop up over this last year to remind me of what a wonderful trip we had. I’ve been asking myself over the last few weeks, “Should we do it again?”

The itch isn’t there. With how crazy our country has been this past year, I’m not sure a trip like this would produce much pleasure. Communities divided. Mother nature making her displeasure known. It sounds like a carefree approach would be foolhardy.

We have extended our rental arrangements in Vancouver, WA for another 6 months. We continue to look at the area real estate and haven’t found anything that would satisfy what we need for the next 10 – 15 years.

We are missing having our expanded belongings in use. They will have to stay in storage awhile long. Here’s hoping that the housing bubble corrects itself and gives us the opportunity to settle into something we can call our own.

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